I’ve been observing the panic created all over the world, and I want to talk about our thinking under pressure. 

This situation makes an immense impact on people’s thinking with so much pressure created which forces our reptile brains into defence and ‘fight or flight’ mode. 

How do our brains work under pressure? Scientists have conducted hundreds of thousands of research projects on this subject.

Kerwin Rae says that in a state of stress when our bodies are intoxicated by cortisol, our IQ reduces by 50%. Similar results obtained by Dr. Joe Dispenza who has examined hundreds of brains and their activities under different circumstances. His discovery shows that under long term influence of cortisol our brain generates very chaotic waves connecting neurons randomly which leads to enormous (compared to normal) energy consumption as well as inability to think in a logical and sequential manner. 

In other words, under stress our brain exhausts itself and as a consequence of irrational thinking very often creates even more stress. Furthermore, cortisol is as addictive as a drug.

The simple solution is to take a deep breath and cool down the brain activity. One hour of clear thinking is worth much more than a day of generating useless brainwaves.

Keep calm and stay safe.