About Us

Our 4 Pillars

Our methodology looks at four core pillars – purpose, people, processes, and technology. Purpose asks ‘why’ – why do you exist, and where are you going? Without purpose, you have no direction. People are your ‘who’ and form the lifeblood of your business. ‘Processes’ answers the questions of ‘how’, and technology addressees the ‘what’.

Purpose: We work closely with the business owners to help them understand their purpose and integrate it within the business. Your purpose is the single most important motivator that drives you.

People: The next step is to align your team with your purpose. Imagine having a team of like-minded individuals all in sync with your strategic vision and larger goals – they would become the lifeblood of your business and the biggest driver of success.

Processes: The hallmark of a high performing organisation is strong processes that are meaningful, efficient and enable smooth flowing business operations.

Technology: Technology can act as a force multiplier with automation optimising timelines in a manner that we have never seen in the past.

This tried-and-tested approach is geared towards holistically enhancing your business in a manner that sees you return to the core values of your business. And makes sure your never steer away from them again.

Our methodology starts with a discovery workshop – learn more about our processes and how we work here.

A Philosophy of Sustainability

Sustainability has become somewhat of an over-used term in recent years as it has become synonymous with environmentalism. But when we talk about sustainability at Concept Angle, we’re talking about Life-work blend.

Is your life-work blend sustainable? Can you maintain the same pace of whatever you’re doing now? Is it feasible in the long run? If you are working 80 hours a week, that is very hard to keep up in the long run. If you have a high staff turnover, that is not practicable in the long run. In every area of life, whatever you’re doing, it must be sustainable. And business is no exception to that rule.

Concept Angle is all about helping you identify your purpose, aligning your people with that purpose, and then developing processes and technology to make your business operate more efficiently – and ultimately, more sustainably.

Want to know how sustainable your business is currently? Use our free Sustainability Scorecard self-assessment tool to evaluate your business or book a discovery call.

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