While millions of people are working remotely it is essential to maintain an adequate level of control to avoid falling into the rabbit hole of micromanagement the during the Covid19 crisis. It is even harder to avoid micromanagement when working remotely if this was already the norm when working under one roof. Let’s have a closer look at this method of managing people and the reasons behind it. 

Micromanagement is a culture killer coming from a disconnect and mistrust between management and their teams. A need for it always comes from the top and usually from people called ‘bosses’, not leaders. 

There are three very common scenarios for this to appear:

  1. First, thinking that you are the boss and that you therefore have more knowledge and experience than anyone else. No one knows and can do better than you.
  2. Second, fear of self-irrelevance and fear of losing control.
  3. The third popular reason is a lack of clear understanding of the requirements, obligations and desired outcomes by employees caused by a deficiency of details and miscommunication. 

The first two are thinking or mindset issues. The third is a systems and processes issue – which Concept Angle can help you address. Book a free no-obligation discovery phone call to learn more.