From February 2020 to August 2021, Starline Security went from being a retail business to being solely a wholesale B2B security screens manufacturer. During this time, their total revenue increased by 50% and the business shifted from being primarily reliant on one-off retail sales, to 95% of their revenue being generated from a diverse number of repeat wholesale customers

How did they achieve this is less than 2 years?

Here’s the snapshot:

Starline Security was established over 25 years ago and was taken over by the current owner just before the Global Financial Crisis. When we initially began working with Starline, the business owner was doing the majority of the heavy lifting and chasing individual retail sales.

As ConceptAngle took a closer look into the business, we uncovered a primary set of concerns:

Firstly, the lengthy amount of time taken to process orders and quotes in a manual fashion was resulting in slow order execution and a backlog of orders putting other pending sales at risk. 

Secondly, an unacceptably high amount of errors were stemming from the inefficient account auditing process and handling of data. 

Last but not least, the issues above created an escalating atmosphere of stress and anxiety for those involved in the running of the business.

THE FINAL Solution

The solution ConceptAngle helped Starline Security design and develop consisted of a central ordering system significantly reducing the quoting turnaround and order process time from an average of 4 days to just 1 hour! 

The implementation of this system had an onslaught of positive effects, some of which were even unexpected.

The enhanced integrity of the technical data made material selection much more reliable, effectively reducing errors by a whopping 99%! Furthermore, integration with cutting-edge customisation software resulted in a notable reduction in material and resource wastage (which Starline was previously unaware of).

All of these systems integration improvements plugged previous money leaks and enabled them to create a robust and precise pricing model. And the same management staff is now able to process 5 times as many orders! 

This generated $3.2M in new B2B orders in less than 2 years!

The management team no longer needs to worry where the next sale will come from and the business is now in a much more reliable and safe mode of operation. 

When asked what the overall outcome achieved was since the implementation of the solution, the business owner stated “it transformed the business into one that is more sustainable and enjoyable to own and run”.