Are you operating a business with purpose, or do you just ‘own’ your job?

Many people start a business with passion, vision, and purpose beyond making money. However, over time they become distracted by the business of making money and what was once a passion turns into a burden.

Original joy and courage vanish while everyday activities become boring and at some point, overall satisfaction and happiness decreases. Life-work harmony becomes a matter of a work-life razor-blade-balancing exercise.

Why does it happen? When our day-to-day activities do not include what we are most passionate about, when we turned away from the things that make us get up in the morning, when our values are diminished – that is when we tend to lose focus, courage, and motivation.

It becomes difficult to concentrate on our long-term goals while going through everyday routines and getting bogged in inefficient processes. Lack of clarity in purpose and big vision not only discourages business owners but impacts team culture, staff retention rates and employees’ productivity.

According to a PwC study, 79% of business leaders consider a company’s purpose as an important element to business success, however, only 33% of employees feel connected to the purpose. The same research showed that the likelihood of millennials staying with a company are 5.3 times higher when they are connected to the organisation’s purpose.

There are two components required to reclaim the joy, reconnect to (or even find) the purpose, the driver, the fuel. It all starts by eradicating redundant activities, increasing productivity, and building a purposeful culture.

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