Technology is a dark area for many people. It may be daunting, unexplained, and complicated. Many business owners still stubbornly take the position that they are not a technology business and continue to ignore it. They resist new opportunities and better ways of doing business while battling competition from more adaptive companies.

They think they are battling with their competitors and market, but the enemy is sitting inside and enjoying the conflict it created. Has your imagination drawn a picture of Cervantes’ Don Quixote contending windmills yet? In the XXI century, business is interwoven with technology regardless of the industry unless you sell homemade lemonade at school. 

Common myths and issues about implementing technology in business:

Uncertainty and lack of knowledge

Large corporates can afford Chief Technology (or Information) Officers and a large IT department that looks after automation. They make sure technology follows the company’s objectives and strategies. Most small- and medium-size businesses cannot afford a CTO and usually engage a contractor to ‘do their IT stuff’. 

Sadly, support guys just ‘look after’, to make sure your antivirus or Windows updates on schedule, and never look forward and align the infrastructure with clients’ needs. A good software consultant can save a business a fortune integrating the right solutions, systems, and processes, creating a strategy, and planning incremental improvements. Solid automation releases additional resources.

Fear of needing to fire people

People often fear that technology will replace jobs and make existing positions redundant. But the truth is that there is no need to make staff redundant when you implement technology improvements within your business.

Instead, divert their energy and time into different areas. Provide training to help them develop and use your new freed-up resources for more meaningful and productive tasks.

Moreover, technology usually enables growth and scale which in turn creates new jobs as a result.

Feel of self-irrelevance

Sounds odd and counterintuitive? It is one of the sturdiest contestants to be beaten when deciding to change things. With years of experience in a wide variety of industries across the globe, I found that numerous people are scared to become irrelevant in their leadership position.

The biggest mistake with this train of thinking is the idea that the business will function well and be self-managed once technology has been implemented. We all know this is not the case! The time freed up from beating windmills scares them. The mask of valiant Don Quixote needs to go.

Think of it this way – if it was possible to have the business run flawlessly without the owner or leader running things – wouldn’t that be the best indicator of success? Remember your motivation for starting your business. Why did you start it? It was likely beyond just making money.

Was it to sail around the world by yacht or restore your dad’s old Ford Shelby? To spend more time in your shed turning timber into marvellous furniture for your family and friends? Write a book? Or just spend more time with your loved ones?

Whatever it was, it is never too late to chase your dream. Let IT happen and un-trap you and your business.

The most dangerous phrase in our language is ‘we’ve always done it this way’.  –  Admiral Grace Hopper