What takes joy from the business?

Many owners and business leaders face challenges that impact not only business, KPI’s, revenue and profits, but their lives and the lives of people around them.

Many people chase success in business at a very high cost of their own life, health, and family. In the beginning, the entrepreneurs’ journey seems exciting and fun, even though it is far from easy. 

The business develops, grows, and things seem to be going smoothly. However, the bigger the organisation becomes, the more you notice that little things appear to be consuming significant resources, time, and energy.

Unless they are addressed and organised properly, they create chaos, kill the joy and overwhelm people. These little killers can ignite a whole lot of different problems from money leaks to cultural problems. 

How can you avoid this happening to your business? Continuous Improvement.

  • Scheduled and regular review of all internal processes
  • R&D
  • Rewarding teams for initiatives.

There are many various activities in the process. The key is consistency. Little inefficiencies are barely noticeable separately until they grow into a significant snowball. Once it is big enough, it is hard to stop it.

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