A couple of days ago, I was on my longest run so far and found an interesting pattern similar to an entrepreneur’s journey. 

The first interval of 5 kilometres was relatively light and easy. On the next span between 5th and 7th km, I started to feel the load and warm up. 7 to 10 was tough but manageable. The next span between 10th and 11th km was the hardest one. I was about to give up. 

Everything after 11th km came easy again. 

The original plan was to make 11.5, but then I made 12. I was not far from the end of the route and made it to the end. The tracking app showed me 12.75, so I decided to run around the block just to make it to 13. I was really surprised by the change in perception after the 11th kilometre. I looked back and reflected on my business journey and found a very similar pattern.

When I left a corporate career and started my own business, it was enjoyable jogging by the bay. The next stage brought some tough but manageable challenges, even though they seemed very hard back then. The following period was the most challenging and difficult. I was ready to give up at some points. I kept running to make it over to the next chapter.

One day, the run became a normal state and joy came back. You just keep going.

The same pattern applies to many areas of our lives. It was a great reminder that when you are consistent in your efforts, you will get to the destination.  Whatever your situation is, regardless of how tough it feels, do not give up. Step by step, run, walk, or even crawl towards your dreams, goals and success.